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Creation of an online store from scratch for selling laptops and accessories 


Sphere-it, a company specializing in selling laptops and accessories through marketplaces, decided to launch its own online store under the brand StockIT to expand its sales channels.

Work Done

In a short timeframe, the eCore platform was deployed and configured.

Content for the website is created and stored in the client's ERP system. We ensured full integration with the ERP, automating the process of adding and updating products, stock, and prices to guarantee the currency of information in the online store.

We implemented automatic grouping of products into modifications based on RAM size and storage type.

We organized the characteristics on the product cards to improve information perception.

We meticulously developed the filter block in the 'Laptops' category for more convenient use when selecting.

We configured the export of all listings to Google Merchant Center and Hotline, including the linkage of categories and characteristics with these systems.

Payment via card on the site through Liqpay and Monopay systems was enabled.


Within a month and a half, we carried out the work from scratch to the full-fledged launch of the store.

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