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Creating an online store for Sonata.TV company. The Sonata brand has its own TV channel and offers a wide range of clothing, textiles, and jewelry.


For the further development of the online store, it was necessary to migrate the website from Promua to a new platform, reorganize the existing content, set up the process for adding new products, and integrate with the accounting system.

Work done

During the planning process, we encountered a challenge where all the content for the client was being generated and stored in their accounting system. The data storage structure was suboptimal, leading to mix-ups between different translations, duplication of the same information, and putting a heavy load on the accounting system. Additionally, the company's business model involved constantly adding new products in large quantities.

Given the current state and the tasks at hand, we proposed to migrate content storage and management to a separate PIM (Product Information Management) system. During the migration, we structured and correctly translated information for all categories and product listings. We also configured a streamlined process for quickly and conveniently adding new products, utilizing built-in PIM tools based on AI for generating product descriptions, meta tags, and their translations.

We deployed the website on our platform, transferred information pages, and blog articles. We set up synchronization of categories and products with the PIM system and implemented URL redirects from the old website to the new one.


In addition to launching the website, we addressed the client's business challenge of dealing with a large volume of content. This allowed for the quick introduction of new products into the market and resulted in significant sales growth.


The company's future plans include expanding the range of products, sales channels, and entering the European market. eCore, as a technological partner, ensures rapid growth and process optimization.

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