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Migration of the online store from OpenCart


The online store, developed on OpenCart, had not received technical support for several years. Moreover, the site lacked a full-fledged Ukrainian version. Considering the store's specialization in products for suburban homes and the approaching high sales season, there was an urgent need to create a new website. Key aspects of the project were high-quality translation and the migration of existing content to a new platform, along with the convenience and efficiency of the new site.

Work Done

Content Migration with AI Integration: All product categories, along with video reviews, feedback, and SEO metadata, were successfully migrated using artificial intelligence tools. This not only ensured high-quality translation but also guaranteed its rapid execution, which was critically important for the project. Additionally, the use of AI helped optimize costs, making the translation not only fast but also cost-effective.
Filter Customization: For user convenience, we configured functional filters by product categories, significantly simplifying the process of finding desired items.
Delivery and Payment Logic: Implemented a complex system of delivery and payment conditions, which included numerous options such as free shipping for selected groups of items, in-house delivery only to selected localities, and cash on delivery at the store's expense under certain conditions. All this was set up so that the customer receives only the available and best conditions during checkout, depending on the selected product and delivery city.
Payment Systems Integration: The site was enhanced with the ability to pay by bank card and the "pay in parts" feature from Monobank, providing customers with convenient and flexible payment options.
Content Migration and Translation from the Blog: Special attention was given to the migration and high-quality translation of articles, recipes, and tips from the store's blog, preserving the value of the original content.
SEO Optimization: During the website setup, all key SEO requirements were considered, including 301 redirects from old links, creation of a sitemap, closing non-essential pages from indexing, optimization of filters and pagination, and ensuring high site loading speed.
Product Export to External Platforms: Configured product exports to Google Merchant and Hotline.


Rapid Launch with Full Functionality: The project was successfully launched with all necessary functionalities within 30 calendar days, enabling the client to enter the market on time and catch the active sales season. This was made possible by the coordinated efforts of the team and effective project planning.
Abandonment of Russian Language: During the website relaunch, a strategic decision was made to completely abandon Russian, which resulted in an expected temporary decrease in traffic due to the change in the main language of SEO queries. However, thanks to the high-quality translation of content and meticulously adjusted SEO optimization, traffic recovery was observed within a month, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented SEO settings and indicating potential for further growth.
Convenient Store Management: Our solution provides the store owner with convenient tools for quick and effective management of all aspects of the online store. The enhanced platform with an intuitive interface allows for easy management of inventory, payments, and deliveries.

Owner Feedback, Andriy Mamedov,

The eCore team achieved incredible results within a tight timeframe.
The site's russian content was completely revamped, and Ukrainian content was launched using the same URLs. I expected the traffic to be lost forever. However, things didn't turn out as I thought... After the relaunch and proper work with Google Search Console, the store saw its search query page rankings rise from an average position of 19 to 9 within a month.
The ability to customize delivery and payment variations depending on the brand and type of products was extremely important for us. The peculiarities of working with certain brands require different settings for payment and delivery depending on what is in the customer's cart. This significantly improved conversion.
The store on OpenCart had not been globally updated since 2019; there were some attempts to implement various modules, but one module would block another, and everything would revert to the previous version.
Most importantly, I was unable to add a Ukrainian version on the old engine. When adding, the Ukrainian language was only secondary; there were constant problems with visualization on the site (part of the menu in one language, part in another), etc.
Content Work. An additional bonus was the admin part for configuring and creating content in PIM.
Thank you for agreeing to this four-week marathon. You have done a great job.

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